Chris “CP” Pfeiffer in Jamaica

German stunt biker to ‘burn rubber’

cp-backwardsGerman stunt biker and Red Bull’s street stunt champion, Chris Pfeiffer, sets his aim for Jamaica with an all-island tour scheduled for June 1-7.

For many motorcycling fans, stunt riding remains a bit of an enigma, great to watch but extremely difficult to master.

Nevertheless, this sport is growing and in recent years has had a tremendous increase in popularity, and riding at the top of this extreme sport is Chris Pfeiffer.

Despite a busy schedule of shows and stunt competitions, the 38-year-old German will amaze Jamaicans with special appearances across the island, with surprise demos in the streets of Kingston and scheduled appearance on Sunday, June 7, at the International Stunt Fest to be held in St Elizabeth – all of this on his custom-built F800 powered BMW bike.

Jamaican stunt biker Romond Gitchie will be spearheading the tour in the western section of the island.

CP, as he is known in the stunt biking world, has many records over the years, including a ‘bunny hop’ over 33 people without a ramp in 1997 and performing 15 wheely circles in just 30 seconds in 2000.

“Becoming champion can be seen as the easy part. But staying champion is difficult,” he said.

Pfeiffer will also host a Red Bull Under My Wing session, a safety and talent workshop designed to inspire young bikers in the region so they can be trained by Red Bull athletes. The aim of the programme is to help them succeed as professional riders, but taking into consideration the risks and safety issues of the sport. The tour is also designed to stimulate and develop stunt-biking discipline in Jamaica, which has been growing steadily in the island during the last couple of years.

Chris Pfeiffer was the German Champion of Trial at the age of 15, four times champion of the Red Bull Hare Scramble, World Champion of ‘Stunt Riding 2003′, third place in the European Championship of Climb in Rock with motorbike in 2005, winner of the Stuntwars 2006 and recently won his fourth European Stunt Riding Championship.

Excepts taken from the Jamaica Star